Because every square foot is unique

We are passionate about using technology to help farmers understand and improve their soil health to grow better crops and feed the world. SoilOptix® is inspired to bring to agriculture a new one-of-a-kind, affordable soil analysis system that sets a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture. Offering much more than traditional soil measurement practices, SoilOptix® delivers the highest definition and most detailed field nutrient maps obtainable today. This empowers growers to make the best decisions for management and soil stewardship. SoilOptix® is your best choice, because every square foot is unique.

SoilOptix® Digital High-Definition
Top Soil Mapping System

We believe that everything starts with the soil. In order to capture the full potential of their field, growers need to know what the soil is providing them with. With SoilOptix®, growers and agronomists get the most in-depth analysis of their soil with a resolution of approximately 335 points per acre. SoilOptix® gives growers a deeper understanding of the variability in fertility and textural-based properties of their soil.

For decades, Low Definition soil tests have only scratched the surface.

Conventional soil testing averages only 1 to 2 samples per acre, delivering accuracy of only about 15% on soil fertility. Results between these points can vary significantly, with results that can be misleading, especially for programming variable rate input equipment. Today’s application technology demands greater accuracy!

334 More data points per acre

What others are saying. . .

Mike Strang

Mike Strang, an Exeter cashcropper and Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario director, discovered SoilOptix® technology and immediately was drawn to its detailed mapping results. He discusses the many benefits that these comprehensive maps have brought to his business at Strang Farms and his thoughts on SoilOptix®’s future with his operation.

Chuck Baresich

Chuch Baresich is a cash cropper in Bothwell, Ontario. Alongside his brother, he owns and operates their farm Haggerty Creek Ltd. After having SoilOptix® test out a few of his fields at home, he was shocked by the detail and accuracy of the mapping technology, and is eager to recommend SoilOptix® to other producers.

Tyler Vollmershausen

As a cash crop farmer in Innerkip, Tyler Vollmershausen experienced difficulties with soil readings in the past. With the use of SoilOptix® technologies, he was able to have more accurate soil maps and increase his yield.

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How It Works

The SoilOptix® scanner reads gamma rays emitted by the soil that provide a complex picture of its condition at 335 points per acre. Physical soil samples are integrated into our readings. SoilOptix® uses proprietary software to translate this information into high definition digital maps. The resulting data is VRA ready to maximize seeding and input performance.

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Buying or Selling Land?

With the high price of land today you need to see the full picture of the fields you are considering purchasing.

With a SoilOptix® scan and analysis you are getting a soil “MRI” that will tell you your land’s capabilities.

You will have an in-depth, accurate picture of soil nutrient levels including organic matter. You will also know the soil’s water retention capability.

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