Soil Analysis for Growers

Make Informed Decisions

SoilOptix® provides growers with soil analysis results that allow them to make the most informed on-farm decisions.

Soil Map Overlay

335 Data points per acre
(827 per hectare)

For a final resolution of 11.5 foot cell sizes.

Over 25 layers

Including macro & micro nutrients, physical properties, pH, organic matter and many more.

VRA-Ready Data

Generic files compatible with most precision agriculture data platforms.

Individual Nutrient & Physical Property Data Layers

With SoilOptix®, growers get a comprehensive soil analysis map of exactly what’s going on in their field.

To view full list of layers, visit our How It Works page.

Mike Strang

“Compared to other soil sampling technologies, I find SoilOptix® is probably the best one out there as far as I’m concerned. I really like the way it characterizes the soil and the nutrients in the fields, and allows me to do my variable rate nutrient applications.”

Mike Strang
Fifth Generation Farmer, Strang Farms- Using SoilOptix® since 2013

High Resolution Soil Scanning Results

Soil analysis results are accessible through SoilOptix® Customer Portal. Here you can quickly view your results through the visual maps, download files that can be imported into various ag data software platforms, or seamlessly connect with leading precision agriculture application technologies through API.

API Connections with:

Utilizing Your Soil Data

SoilOptix® users still use the agronomic background that they’ve always had, but now can apply it at a high-resolution scale to micro-manage their fields. This can include creating fertility recommendations, evaluate different seeding practices, address irrigation application, or a static comparison between your soil and your crop.

For examples on how to use your SoilOptix® data, browse through our Case Studies.

Before and After SoilOptix Mapping

Soiloptix Sensor mounted on a truck

Soil Scanning Near Me

SoilOptix® soil analysis services are offered through our network of highly trained providers, available in over 17 countries (and growing!). Visit our Provider page to find a service provider nearest you. Don’t see one close enough, or know of someone who wants to become a SoilOptix® service provider? Visit our Crop Specialists page for more information, and contact us!