Our Team

At SoilOptix®, we hire people from across Canada who are innovative, energetic, and dedicated. We’re a small company that is growing quickly, and we’re looking for individuals to come along for the ride. Does this sound like you? Visit our Careers page to view and apply for our open positions, and become a part of our team!

  • Paul Raymer
    Co-Founder & President

    Meet Paul Raymer

  • Lori Davey
    Operations Manager

    Meet Lori Davey

  • Zachary Harmer
    North America Sales & Global Support Manager

    Meet Zachary Harmer

  • Jessica Clayton
    Sales & Marketing

    Meet Jessica Clayton

  • Ryan Eyre
    Product Integration Manager

    Meet Ryan Eyre

  • Sarah Lepp
    Research Scientist

    Meet Sarah Lepp

  • Tyler Heppel
    Lead Developer

    Meet Tyler Heppel

  • Danylo Kukanov
    Junior Data Scientist

    Meet Danylo Kukanov

  • Brian Culp
    Software Developer

    Meet Brian Culp

  • Mike Quill
    Junior DevOps

    Meet Mike Quill

  • Kurtis Feick
    Automation Supervisor & GIS Analyst

    Meet Kurtis Feick

  • Holly MacDonald
    GIS Production Manager

    Meet Holly MacDonald

  • Adam Da Silva-Gouveia
    GIS Analyst & Support Technician

    Meet Adam Da Silva-Gouveia

  • Nick Grivich
    Technical Support & GIS Analyst

    Meet Nick Grivich

  • Christopher Garofalo
    GIS Supervisor

    Meet Christopher Garofalo