Top Soil Field Mapping for Precision Agriculture

Our Story


Research Begins

Research begins in Europe on the use of gamma radiation in agriculture, where historically it has only been used in the geological mining industry.

Practical Precision Inc. is Founded

Paul Raymer and his father, Barry, start Practical Precision Inc, an innovative precision agriculture technology company in Southwestern, Ontario.


SoilOptix® Opportunity Presented

The SoilOptix® technology opportunity is presented, and Practical Precision Inc. begins research for potential implementation in North America.

Practical Precision: Trimble Dealer

Practical Precision becomes a Trimble dealer, and is influential in developing markets for the Greenseeker & Y-Drop technologies. They are the first dealer in North America to sell them as the “ultimate side-dress system”.


SoilOptix® Offered to Ontario Growers

After 3 years of research & development, Practical Precision commercializes the SoilOptix® technology & begins offering it as a service to growers in Ontario, Canada.

SoilOptix® Gains Reputation in USA

Word of the technology begins to spread, and there is opportunity to learn more and evaluate the system on United States soils.

Feb 2017

SoilOptix® Becomes a Company

SoilOptix® moves from being a “product/service” to being officially incorporated as a stand-alone company, in partnership with China’s largest fertilizer-additive company, Hubei Forbon Technologies.

Creates Service Provider Network

SoilOptix® pivots its business model; terminates its “direct-to-grower” service to set up an international network of dealers/service providers.

Jul 2017

SoilOptix® Expands Across the Americas

SoilOptix® expands its dealer network to service Argentina, and parts of the United States.

SoilOptix® Grows Internationally

SoilOptix® services becomes available in Germany, Chile, and the United Kingdom.


SoilOptix® Grows Again Internationally

A big year for SoilOptix®! Amid a global pandemic, SoilOptix® sees growth & begins offering service in Denmark, Bulgaria, Finland, & Mexico.

SoilOptix® Celebrates 8 Years

SoilOptix® celebrates operating for over 8 years & with services available in over 12 countries, including expansion into Morocco. SoilOptix® continues to expand research & development efforts in the pursuit to unlock some of the spatial measurement mysteries of field soil.


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