Soil Mapping Opportunities

With SoilOptix® soil mapping technology and software, growers can discover pockets of opportunity in their fields.

SoilOptix Predictive Mapping Diagram

Predictive Top Soil Mapping

Our gamma radiation-based sensor data is combined with strategically located physical soil samples as calibration, providing you with soil mapping results in high resolution top soil property layers.

Soil Mapping Layers

SoilOptix® offers a wide variety of individual soil mapping layers to give you the most in-depth look at your soil, including:

  • Physical Properties
  • Macro Nutrients
  • Micro Nutrients
  • Complex Models
  • Soil Health Suite

For a full list of available layers, visit our How It Works page.

Taking Variable Rate Technology to the Next Level

Develop more accurate VRA prescriptions that meet the needs of your soil.

Traditional practices typically generalize variability across the field, leaving gaps in vital information and potential dollars lost. SoilOptix® addresses the true variation of soil properties, enabling you to optimize your field to its full potential.

Field Application of SoilOptix Technology Photo by Sveta Fedarava on Unsplash
Trevor Thornton

“Traditional sampling methods have voids; not enough information in zones, and missing data between grid points. SoilOptix® has filled that gap for us and our growers. Now, we can define where the specific issues are in a field, being a nutrient or soil property and can now create a plan to address those issues. And, it’s the only system that gives us a full texture profile across a field. We know sand, silt and clay are different. However, we could not measure them to this detail before. Now, we can use this in our Variable Rate program to fine tune where we put our fertilizer applications with more precision. Why sample the average when we can sample the variability?”

Trevor Thornton
CCA, P.Ag. Crop Care Consulting Ltd. – SoilOptix® Service Provider Since 2016

Not Your Average Soil Sampling Equipment

One System, Endless Applications

From corn, soy, and wheat to potatoes, vineyards, and vegetables, the SoilOptix® soil mapping system is designed to be flexible across all cropping types.

To find out how SoilOptix® can be tailored to your crop system, contact us.