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Exploring Soil Mapping & How They Impact Productivity

The current food production techniques are far from sustainable. Intensive farming techniques and widespread chemical usage are draining our soil and poisoning our water. Furthermore, agriculture is responsible for a large portion of our water use. The World Bank estimates that agricultural use accounts for 70% of all freshwater usage globally. To make matters worse,… Read Full Article »

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precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture –Technologies that Boosts Crop Farming 

Precision agriculture systems are management systems that help farmers to solve a wide array of problems. At the same time, precision agriculture includes multiple products that the growers need to master to make the most of their production.  What is Precision Agriculture in Simple Terms? Precision agriculture uses modern technologies like satellite imagery or field… Read Full Article »

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Soil Testing & Analysis – Everything About Its Benefits & Importance

When the crops are harvested, a large amount of nutrients are removed from the soil, and it causes a loss of soil fertility. Soil testing is the process by which elements like potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium and others are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their available content with the remaining sample. Soil… Read Full Article »

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