About us


SoilOptix® Inc. was established in February 2017 as a partnership between Hubei Forbon Technologies, a large, progressive Chinese fertilizer company and Practical Precision, an influential precision ag technology company in southwestern Ontario. SoilOptix provides the highest definition soil nutrient and texture maps to farmers, allowing for greater accuracy in management decisions on a field to field scale. SoilOptix® is operated by Practical Precision’s owners Paul and Barry Raymer out of their office in Tavistock, Ontario.

The technology used in the SoilOptix® sensor originated in the Netherlands as a tool for the geological industry, before coming to Canada in 2010. Practical Precision saw the potential in the technology and began further researching the use of gamma radiation in agriculture to develop nutrient and texture maps of the soil. While researching and providing this service to a number of Ontario farmers, Practical Precision was also influential in developing the Greenseeker and Y-Drop technologies on farms across the country. They identified that strictly running Greenseeker without applying nitrogen below the canopy was not satisfactory; this lead them to the Y-Drop, becoming the first dealer in North America to sell the two as the ultimate side dress system.

Paul and Barry’s vision of pushing boundaries in precision agriculture has been the driving force in bringing SoilOptix® technologies to a commercial market and combatting the status quo of soil sampling.