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Tired of traditional soil sampling methods and wondering if this is the best we can do? Now there is a better way. SoilOptix® is a revolutionary new system that delivers the highest definition field maps existing today. It is easy, affordable and provides the most accurate nutrient maps obtainable.


icon-orange Over 25 layers available. Micro & macro nutrient layers.

SoilOptix® measures and maps all common nutrient properties (e.g. pH, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium) along with various soil textures (e.g. % clay, % sand, % silt) plus plant available water, and bulk density.

icon-green 335 points/acre. Highest definition.

With SoilOptix®, you get more data points, more definition and more detailed soil maps than any other system in the world at a very affordable cost. The SoilOptix® system has been successfully proven with farmers in Canada and is now being used in other countries around the world.

icon-blue VRA ready. Unmatched soil texture profiling.

 SoilOptix® delivers a higher level of customization than ever available before. You can program Variable Rate Application for seed, fertilizer and other nutrient applications, tailored to the specific soil conditions across the planting area, with unprecedented accuracy.