• Soil Scanning Technology- The Next Evolution: Cory Cowan; AGRIS Co-operative

Soil Scanning Technology- The Next Evolution: Cory Cowan; AGRIS Co-operative

AGRIS Co-op’s Cory Cowan discusses how SoilOptix® is changing their soil sampling practices, and why they believe that SoilOptix® could be the future of soil sampling.

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AGRIS SoilOptix® surveying vehicle


Established in February 2017 as a partnership between Hubei Forbon Technologies, a large, progressive Chinese fertilizer company and Practical Precision, an influential precision ag technology company in southwestern Ontario.

SoilOptix® is operated by Practical Precision’s owners Paul and Barry Raymer out of their office in Tavistock, Ontario.

Paul and Barry’s vision of pushing boundaries in precision agriculture has been the driving force in bringing SoilOptix® technologies to a commercial market and combatting the status quo of soil sampling.

SoilOptix® is committed to providing you with the highest standard of soil mapping data. As we continue to serve our global customers, SoilOptix® is closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) around the world. Our…

Read the full version of SoilOptix's feature article in the Oxford Review's 2020 Progress Report, which tells the story of how SoilOptix came to be a global player in the precision ag industry

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