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Soils Focus Delivers Results

“There have been clear benefits from the high-resolution Terramap soil scanning too. One example, is a patch of acidic soil identified in one field – something missed with historical ‘W’ pattern sampling. Mr Pitts had planned to take the area out of production given poor crop yields, however on seeing the Terramap results, he decided to target remedial measures to rectify pH. The approach is slowly working, with pH increasing from <5.6 on the worst areas in 2019, to 6.2-6.5 on those same areas in 2021, raising crop yields, and allowing him to keep that area in production.”

Learn how the SoilOptix® technology is being utilized at the Hutchinsons Helix National Technology Farm in Northamptonshire as part of their overall strategy to improve the health and resilience of soils, while also significantly improving nutrient use efficiency across fields.

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